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About us
About us

American Electronic Products, Inc. (AEP) excels in providing one-stop professional business service solutions for our clients. We have the ability to obtain quotes for our customers, locate a particular kind of factory, or source the exact product needed quickly.

Our first-hand information and knowledge of China¡¯s marketplace gives us the unique ability to meet your sourcing requirements!

To get more information about our service to help you source products in China, please contact us today!

Our services include:

Assistance in search of manufacturers of specific products

Communication and negotiation with suppliers

Visit to producing plants and quality inspection during production 

Assurance of schedule for production and shipping 

Managing logistics of shipments from China including, packaging, warehousing and delivery, and preparation of all custom documents.

Centralized warehousing in the US to ensure just-in-time delivery.

We feature in:

Reducing time in finding the right suppliers

Direct access to Chinese manufacturers

Better prices

Reduced risks in quality and schedule

Reduced purchasing costs

Better communications with Chinese suppliers

The AEP team in China includes sourcing engineers and logistics personnel that work with our US team to source the products you require and coordinate deliveries. Our sourcing engineers in China visit our manufacturers' plants to establish stringent quality control programs that guarantee product quality and reliability. Our technical staff can provide custom design for specific customer requirements. Product development and engineering assistance is available every step of the way.

AEP¡¯s US team works to keep you informed on incoming shipments, deliveries to customer locations, and consignment warehousing for future deliveries. Our centralized warehousing allows reduced inventory commitments for our customers and quick just-in-time deliveries for needed stock.

Let AEP be your bridge to linking your business with China and its sourcing potential.

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